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                    "It Takes A Village to Raise a Child"

   A 24 Hour Child Development Center for Ages 0-12  

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What is Texas Skip (click here)?

Texas SKIP is a program directed by  Teeter Totter Village that is designed to counteract the adverse effects of parental incarceration on children's development. (click on the link "What is Texas SKIP" above for more info).

Structured workshops enable parents, caregivers, and children to learn and interact in a positive environment.

SKIP Program Goals:

  • lReunite parents and children in a safe and structured environment
  • lStrengthen the parent-child bond during the prison term by providing coaching, counseling, and training
  • lDecrease the occurrence of parental recidivism
  • lDecrease child abuse and neglect
  • lDecrease the likelihood of juvenile crime

SKIP Partnerships:



Will Of God Technology and Training Center

Texas Juvenile Crime Prevention Center

Riverside General Hospital and DFPS Disproportionality Program

Prairie View A & M University's College of Juvenile Justice and Psychology, College of Education

Texas Department of Corrections: Dayton Correctional System

Southeast Coalition of Civic Clubs, Sunnyside/ South Acres/ Crestmont Super Neighborhood Council

Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County, Inc.

Fiesta Mart

SHAY'S House

Children Protective Services




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Last modified: 02/28/08